animal r&r

by animal r&r

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released October 5, 2010



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animal r&r Portland, Oregon

Pure Portland indie rock; channeling the unknown, under-appreciated bands of the 90's. The grey blanket of clouds that covers the city mellowed us out. We don't care for this-core and that-core, or any other labels that segregate bands into marketable lumps. In the vein of Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral, Appleseed Cast we write music that makes us happy, and helps us make sense of life. ... more

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Track Name: mineral
time divides
and when we break away
to find another
it never feels right

let it out
they’re only words
but you embrace
“I don’t know”

oh to look back at those days
when we'd burn out the phone lines till 2 am
just to talk of the latest, the greatest
was it just a mistake?

with their smiles half-framed
i can picture them talking behind your back
but it's not so, it's the only way i know

they’re only words
Track Name: fear-based decision-making
we make our choices based on a hell to avoid
and I'll be the first one to admit
that fear drove me here
she has a hold on every word I say,

and all the voices can't hold back the hurtful words
they won't take a break
my mind can't cover up the empty noise
it won't fade,

and then you let it back in
and rest your head, knowing it's too much
and you're too tired
to make this right

she seems so alone,
and that's the reason you caught her half-smile
behind stack of lies and denials,
tonight she could be the one

the one to bend and let you let it out
the one to break
one more night alone
is probably more than you can handle right now
Track Name: blackbeard
i heard the man say You've been angrier these days
he must know better, he says he talks to You not just on weekends
he said we're all doomed to die, and that you've turned away
you've turned away

all the things i wanted to hold mean so much less these days
and all the words, and all the noise, they no longer make sense
I wish I could notice You more in the simple things, in the ugly things

I saw them all building a wall
keep out the bad men, keep us pure, i was told
We'll hide inside, and show each other how we can't do wrong

while all the self-righteous ones are praying for a quick ending
I'm just asking for one more day to prove that I'm not like them
Track Name: just another bad dream
Just sharpen your words on my hardened heart
It's much easier than letting the claws of time
Take us apart one by one

It's not supposed to be like this
We weren't meant to break

slow down, be still, breathe in this failure
slow down, relax, let it burn all the way down

It's just another bad dream, baby, why don't you go back to bed
Track Name: the accidental
watch the stars come down
thought you meant it all
watch the one you thought you loved
thought he meant it all

i could make it better
i could walk away not knowing anything at all

when you wake up in your empty bed
thinking back on all the days you hung your head
in shame, in fear that no-one wants
to take a chance; you couldn't wait
Track Name: dc
You loved the sound your voice can make
off these hallowed walls. if they could talk they'd speak of
every single word that turned an honest man into another scared child.

But wait, don’t go, we haven’t said everything.

With you around we prayed for patience
hoping you would feel your own cold heart beating
slower, out of time, with every prideful word you spat out of your mouth

I could be wrong, but I think you let it go to your head
I could be strong, but you'd have to give up control.
Track Name: we're all on the take
we're all on the take
you shouldn't be surprised
any way you cut it, you cut in so deep
but it's about time. i've been keeping the secrets back
as they cut in the weak points.they cut in so deep.

but i'm not desperate yet
i'm not quite there

i've reached out.
i've held out too long.
these stains will show you how i'm committed

your words in short bursts,
mine, a long held out cry
and this is how we usually talk
this is how we usually talk

i'll work it out, every crease, every wrinkle,
make this look like a new place to lay my head